Rotating Mechanical Baghouse Cage

What is a mechanical baghouse cage and why would I want one? To start to answer that question a good resource is Wikipedia. Here is the link . It is true that the most common methods to clean a dirty filter bag are: shaking, reversing the air flow through the filter, and pulsing a blast of compressed air through the filter. All of these methods are trying to accomplish the same thing, moving the bag / filter enough to dislodge the dust cake. Why not include wiping the dust off to the list? When using a bag as the filter media, a cage is most often required to ensure the cloth to air ratio stays consistent. Why not let this cage do some or all of the work in dislodging the dust?

International Patent Pending technology

This short video is illustrating a helix designed spiral cage rotating around a stationary cage. It is designed to accomplish the same bulge effect traveling down the length of the bag as the pulse of air moving the bag away from the built up material. The tension of the bag on the cage is derived from two different things. First is the pull or suction of the baghouse blower pulling the air through the bag. As the filter resists the direction of airflow it gets pulled tight against the cage. Second is the design of the cage. Depending on the size of bulge desired the relationship of the fixed cage to rotating cage can be set. For example a middle of the road bulge for a 4.5" filter bag would have a fixed cage to rotating cage diameter ratio of 1:1. Meaning The OD of both cages are the same diameter. The characteristics of the bulge changes when this ratio is changed.

In this video of a cage with a filter you can see both of the effects mentioned above.

  1. Tightening of the bag under vacuum

  2. The bulge created by the rotating cage support moving side to side

The next item to consider is the sequence, force, and starting stopping positions of the rotating cage support arm. Again all of these adjustments impact the effectiveness of the bag cleaning bulge. This also impacts the life of the bag.

Below is an animation of the rotating cage for a specific baghouse as a retrofit. Next to it is a video of the prototype build in action.

This last video is a look at the inside of the cage as it interacts with the bag.