Rotating Baghouse cage


Keep it Simple

Does it work? Check out these two videos and judge for yourself. The first video is of the bag getting beat from the inside. Watch the dust fly off in slow motion. The second video is of the same setup but without the bag to illustrate the whipping action in real time.

There is often little benefit in making things more complicated. The standout features of this method are simple.

  1. The cleaning method doesn't have to fight against the air flow.

  2. Baghouses do not need to upsize the entire system to account for poor performance periods in the cleaning sequence.

  3. Let the cage component apply the cleaning force to the filter bag

  4. Get rid of all the pneumatic components: Solenoid valves, expansion tanks, venturi nozzles, compressed air piping, additional blowers,...

  5. Reduce the stress on the non woven poly mesh by not puffing it like a balloon every 1 - 3 seconds. This only increases the dust particle's ability to penetrate the filter reducing it's useful life.

The three most commonly available filter cleaning methods

Second Approach

Reverse Air baghouse system

There is still some room for improvement.

Introducing method FOUR -- Patents Pending

Rotating Mechanical Cage

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