Introducing the Rotating Baghouse cage --

The new method for baghouse filter cleaning

There is often little benefit in making things more complicated. The standout features of this new method are simple.

  1. The cleaning method doesn't have to fight against the air flow.

  2. Baghouses do not need to upsize the entire system to account for poor performance periods in the cleaning sequence.

  3. Let the cage component apply the cleaning force to the filter bag

  4. Get rid of all the pneumatic components: Solenoid valves, expansion tanks, venturi nozzles, compressed air piping, additional blowers,...

  5. Reduce the stress on the non woven poly mesh by not puffing it like a balloon every 1 - 3 seconds. This only increases the dust particle's ability to penetrate the filter reducing it's useful life.

The three most commonly available filter cleaning methods

Second Approach

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Reverse Air baghouse system

All of these methods utilize some form of a cage to support the bag. This support is critical to ensure uniform use of the filter media.

Simple Cage

Simple Bag

Bag on Cage Assembly

Again all of these methods are trying to accomplish the same thing. They are using different approaches to create separation of the bag from the filter and than allowing it to snap back onto the cage.

Cross Section of Cage and Bag assembly

Separation or bulge created in bag

The method that is able to produce the most effective snapping action is able to remove the most buildup.

Bulge on the cage cutout outside view

Bulge on the cage cutout inside view

Shakers achieve this cage to bag separation from shaking the assembly. Reverse air systems strive for separation by blocking off the main suction force and pushing low pressure air in the opposite direction puffing the bag. Jet pulse systems use compressed air to overpower the suction air flow to rapidly puff the bag and get a stronger snap back against the cage.

There is still some room for improvement.

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Introducing method FOUR -- Patents Pending

Rotating Mechanical Cage

Patent Pending System consisting of a fixed cage with a rotating cage nested inside - Exploded View

Rotating Bag Support Cage - Assembled View

Fourth Approach

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